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  1. Hey, last detection was 09.12.2020!
  2. Hey, there is no eta yet but we are working on it. Downtime will get compensated!
  3. It has been updated shortly after and downtime got compensated.
  4. Faceless


    Hey, you can play it in fullscreen as well
  5. Hey, the requirements are listed on the store page. We do not offer a refund in this case. They are also listed on EPVP! Happy new Year
  6. Hey, unfortunately there is no eta yet, but it will get announced in our discord and on the website when its done.
  7. Hey, there is a big paypal button when you visit the store https://www.digitalinsanity.gg/store/
  8. The downtime will get compensated once the cheat has been updated.
  9. No problem, take your time
  10. Yes it works for amd too but can come with a decrease in performance. Our squad cheat released on 02.10.20 and has not been detected yet.
  11. There is a button on the store to use paypal.
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