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  1. We will take a look at your support ticket.
  2. It is Chods yes, i'm head admin there. This here is mainly FOR resellers and the official way to buy license keys and to pay via paypal.
  3. Hey, the cheat had no detection yet. We only have 1-2 banreports every few months from ragers. A discount is currently not available and we only offer 1 month subs, sorry. If you get banned, we over a subscription switch to one of the other cheats. We do not offer refunds for bans.
  4. i did not hear about many hwid bans so far, it looks pretty random to me.
  5. The cheat got partially detected recently, thats why its disabled.
  6. Something has been detected, we think its the glow feature. Downtime will get compensated and afaik hunt showdown bans do not show up on steam.
  7. Hey, the last detection for hunt was in march (31.03.20)
  8. Faceless

    DBD Hacks

    All you need is virtualization technology of your cpu to be turned on and a normal flashdrive:
  9. Faceless

    Hunt showdown

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. We do not support 2004 as it has not fully released yet. You can google how to downgrade, its not hard.
  10. Faceless


    Hey, we had no cheat detection since 6 months so if you keep it as legit as possible you will be fine. You have to be very careful with apex tho.
  11. Faceless


    You get an email with the instructions after purchasing.
  12. Faceless

    Day z

    It's currently not available, sorry.
  13. Last detection was 2 months ago Hwid spoofer is currently disabled You can google virtualization. A bit too much to explain.
  14. You need a usb stick which shows up as removable drive, or call it flash drive. We are using our own hypervisor and some other stuff.
  15. Faceless


    All updates will get posted in discord from now on.
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