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  2. It has been updated shortly after and downtime got compensated.
  3. Last week
  4. Showed deadside as undetected on this forum, then when I went to chod's it was outdated. I now see today the status on this page is also outdated... Wondering if theres a way to get a refund.. I bought a hunt showdown cheeto from here too before used it for less then a week and it became disabled and the was a couple months ago
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  6. Faceless


    Hey, you can play it in fullscreen as well
  7. Hazesxf


    The paladins one can be played in full screen/windowed full or just windowed?
  8. Hey, the requirements are listed on the store page. We do not offer a refund in this case. They are also listed on EPVP! Happy new Year
  9. Is there any way I could get a refund for a particular cheese that I purchased, I was not aware in any way shape or form that a USB would be needed to make it work. I do not have a USB due to my current location. Please let me know. Thank you!
  10. Hey, unfortunately there is no eta yet, but it will get announced in our discord and on the website when its done.
  11. Hello there, is there any ETA on Hunt Showdown? I would really like to try your hack. greetings from epvp^^
  12. Hey there, is there any ETA on Hunt:Showdown? Would like to try your hack coming over from epvp - thanks and greetings~
  13. Hey, there is a big paypal button when you visit the store https://www.digitalinsanity.gg/store/
  14. heyo, as the topic says , is there a possibility to pay via paypal or something else than mastercard/visa or any crypto things? thank you //iv been about to purchase deadside but couldnt find it thats why Im asking
  15. The downtime will get compensated once the cheat has been updated.
  16. didn't know deadside was down oops..., there anyway for a refund or will my subscription be paused?
  17. No problem, take your time
  18. Thanks, I got a ryzen 3900x. I will look for bitcoin. This may takes until next month, but I will be for sure a customer.
  19. Yes it works for amd too but can come with a decrease in performance. Our squad cheat released on 02.10.20 and has not been detected yet.
  20. Hey there, can the cheat be used with a AMD Cpu too? When was the honest latest detection? I know cheats can be detected sometimes, just asking. Thank you
  21. @Faceless thx a lot for the help. but i have one last question do the cheats have any viruse?
  22. There is a button on the store to use paypal.
  23. @Faceless is there a way to pay via paypal?
  24. Hey, yes its still up to date. You can see the status of all cheats here: https://www.digitalinsanity.gg/status/
  25. @Faceless hey iam sorry Hunt Showdown is the Game That i mean
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