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  4. Last detection was 2 months ago Hwid spoofer is currently disabled You can google virtualization. A bit too much to explain.
  5. when was it last detected? does it come with a HWID spoofer? And what is virtualization in requirements
  6. Earlier
  7. You need a usb stick which shows up as removable drive, or call it flash drive. We are using our own hypervisor and some other stuff.
  8. on a die note what anti cheat protection do you use ? thanks
  9. hi guys im interested in the HSD hack i have windows 10 - 1909 - check ok virtualization - check ok usb device !!! i dont understand what does this mean ? i need to put a usb memory stick in ? on that note if i can sort the usb thing im ready to purchase heheh thanks dave
  10. Faceless


    All updates will get posted in discord from now on.
  11. Test





    5.00 EUR

  12. Hey, did you play on the day the cheat went down about 3 weeks ago?
  13. Hey everybody, am i the only one who is not able to find a game? Anytime if i search a game it crashes to the main menu...
  14. The cheat is fully undetected
  15. Hey, just wanted to confirm this posts question. They mean is the hack detectable by Easy Anti Cheat, the software used by Steam and the DBD devs.
  16. Hey FOV = Field of view Smoothing makes the aimbot more smooth the higher the value is. Aim key means that you press left alt to activate the aimbot while its pressed.
  17. Can anyone tell me please what each option does from paladins aimbot please? what FOV ,Smothing does? what exactly aim key does? when i press, i get a 1-2 seconds freeze. thank you
  18. Faceless

    Paladins Updated

    All subs extended by 1 day
  19. Update 26th February 2020: Added missing ESP items and monsters Re-coded player ESP Added player and monster glow/wallhack (see image) Adjusted ESP colours
  20. Update 17.02.20: Added Boss ESP for spider, butcher and assassin Added health box+ammo ESP Some optimizations were made, which should fix the FPS issues.
  21. All updated for latest game patches. 2 Days sub extention for Realm Royale.
  22. Check the cheat features for more information!
  23. Update 15.01.20: - Added flashlight aim assist - Fixed speed not going back to default value - From now you won't have to re-enable the 100% hook escape chance on every new game. - Fixed the crash on injection for the windows store version.
  24. Update 08.01.20: Fixed prediction Improved RCS
  25. Update 20.12.19: Fixed Totem ESP staying after cleansed Fixed Injection for WindowsStore version Added Instant self healing Added 100% Hook escape chance
  26. What do you mean with detectable?
  27. Is it detectable for eac?
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